Tumbled stones the easiest way to carry crystals with you day to day.

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Tumbled Stones The Easiest Way to Use Crystals

Garnet  Tumbled Stone Price is Per Stone



This is a stone of health where is extracts negative energy from the chakras and transmutes it to a positive state.

It has been used as a sacred stone for centuries and by many native traditions including; Native American Indians, South American Indians, Aztecs, Mayans and African tribal elders.

It brings creativity and expansive awareness and manifestation. It inspires love and devotion and balances sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. It helps balance emotional states, balancing out anger and can help provide past life information.

It has also been used for protection during travel and encourages strength, personal power and increases success.

Chakra: Heart (cleanses and re-energises all the chakras) and sacral.

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are really versatile and can be used in so many ways. 

  1. Carrying Them With You
  2. Creating mandalas or grids
  3. Place in your environment
  4. Wear in a spring cage as a pendant
  5. Create a chakra set with tumbled stones 

There are so many possibilities.


Additional information

Weight30 g
Dimensions5 × 5 × 3 mm

Large 30-40mm, Medium 20-30mm, Small 10-20mm


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