It is a highly spiritual stone that carries a very pure vibration and works on the heart energy. It is said to encourage one to let your light shine aiding people to get on with others.

It can act as a karmic cleanser, links to the angelic realms and draws in enlightenment. It helps link to eternal wisdom and serenity and can create a high state of consciousness and access inner guidance during mediation.

Chakra: Crown, heart, solar plexus

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit in the treatment of ailments of the gall bladder and liver. It is said to clear allergies and chronic conditions with its detoxifying action. It is also said to aid in adding weight to the body where it is required.

Hardness: 7

Chemical Composition: CaB2(SiO4)2

Desert Rose

This is a form gypsum or Baryte/Barite which include sand grains. It is also known by the following names; selenite rose, sand rose, rose rock, gypsum and baryte/barite rose.

It brings calm and serenity especially soothing and calming for the mind clearing mind clutter and refocusing with clarity.  Selenite can help identify and release old belief systems and strengthens affirmations with intent.  It connects to the angelic realms and deepens intuition.  Eases worry and assists in enhancing practicality especially when facing challenges.

It can be used to access future and past lives and assists in brining material pursuits related to business.


All chakras especially the heart and raising Kundalini energy. Removes any energy blockages.

Folk Remedies:

Said to be of benefit for; epilepsy, nausea, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, skin, immune booster, fertility, spine and addiction.

Place in the centre for balance, health and stability.  It is highly beneficial in the children area and helpful people area of the office or home.

Hardness: 1.5 – 2

Chemical Composition: CaSO42H2O

Other Useful Information:

Essentially a salt formation therefore should not be in water or kept in damp humid environments.  Do not put in water or cleanse in water.


A pure form of Carbon and as such is often seen as a symbol of purity. It is also known sometimes as the king of crystals and it represents the central sun in the solar system. In ancient times it had been used as a talisman against cowardice and insures love and harmony dispelling anger.

In relationships it is said to bring trust, confidence and fidelity.

It brings a link between intellect and the higher mind, bringing clarity of mind and can aid in enlightenment. It is an aura cleanser, it inspires creativity and imagination.

It is often combined with other gems or crystals and if used with Aquamarine it increases the cleansing properties and mental soothing that Aquamarine helps to produce. When worn it will help to amplify the energy of the user, quartz is also especially amplified by diamonds.

Chakra: Crown and higher crown

Folk Remedy:

It is believed to be of benefit for glaucoma, clears sight and benefits the brain. It can aid in treating allergies and chronic conditions, rebalances the metabolism, it was used in ancient times for counteracting poisons.


Chemical composition: C


It can be used to stimulate the intellect especially for maths and areas where analytical intellect is of use. It opens the heart and increases compassion encouraging you to be of service and heightening a sense of connection with the earth.

It is a very useful crystal for calming animals/pets.

It assists in honouring your true feelings aiding in following intuition and heightening the ability to sense. It can assist in teaching the value of trust and forgiveness and can assist people who cannot show their grief.

Chakra: Heart

Folk Remedies:

It is believed to assist in the treatment of physical weakness and psychological disorders. For runners it is of benefit as it eliminates muscular spasms and ‘stitches’. It is said to help recovery after surgery, supports cellular memory and is of benefit to the kidneys and heart.

Feng Shui:

Place in the centre for good health, wellness and overall balance. It can also be used for prosperity, family and skills and knowledge area.

Hardness: 5.5-6.5

Chemical Composition: MgCaSi2O6


A powerful healer, it can clear and stimulate all the chakras to the higher level of awareness and action which brings invigoration and refreshing energy to the physical and emotional bodies.

Assists living in the moment, activates past life memories, and supports a positive attitude to life. It can bring hidden light forces which can be used in attaining in that which is required.

It can reduce/eliminate the feeling of ‘lack’ and helps in showing the richness and surplus of one’s resources. It can also help teach us that the pain and difficulty in a relationship is a mirroring of an inner separation from pain and difficulty in a relationship and drawing in love at all levels.

Emotional healer; especially for the inner child and dissolves grief, betrayal and sorrow it is especially useful in heartache and feelings of abandonment.

Chakra: Heart, third eye.

Folk remedies:

It has a natural calming energy and is said to be of benefit for; pain relief (headaches, migraines and pain from surgery), releasing stress and tension, easing high blood pressure and for disorders of the heart and lungs. It is said to relieve Meniere’s disease, lessen fatigue and overcome shock.

Hardness: 5

Chemical Composition: CuSiO2(OH)2

Other Useful Information:

Toxic, contains Copper do not place in water and also do not cleanse in water


It is said to soothe hurt, sorrow, loneliness and anxiety whilst increasing charitable actions, the ability to receive, generosity, spontaneity, manifestation, creativity and energetically uplifting.

It can assist in stopping energy leakages from the chakras and can boost self esteem.

Chakra: Colour dependant can be heart, solar Plexus, sacral, sacral, and root.

Folk Remedies:

It is said to build the body; muscular structure, bones, teeth, nails, skin and blood cells. It is believed to help provide oxygenation to the lungs and cellular structures and can be used to help in disorders associated with the adrenal glands and the urogenital system.

Feng Shui:

Placed in the centre for balance, grounding, health and energy protection.

Hardness: 3.5- 4


Chemical composition: CaMg(CO3)2+FeMn,CaMg(CO3)2

Dragon Stone / Dragon's Blood Jasper

It is a magical stone designed by nature and capturing a rich “dragon green” matrix epidote that is dotted with deep red drops of “dragon’s blood” red piedmontite. It enhances perception and is empowering.  Dragon’s stone promotes courage, strength, vitality and s energising.  It is grounding and imbued with love, forgiveness and compassion.  It is highly creative and helpful in past life healing especially where there are past life abuse blocks.

It is said to draw money and success to the wearer.  Protects and shields when carried or worn.  It is useful in breaking old habits by instilling new habits that better serve the individual.  It can be used for multi-dimensional living and travelling.  Dragon stone helps find one’s inner dragon and channel that energy in constructive ways.


Chakra: Heart and root.  


This is a stone for grounding and centring the energies, for self control, grounding, resilience, quiet power, grounding, invisibility, peace and anxiety. Black agate is considered a receiving stone and is used for calming, soothing, inward meditation and reflection. When used for Chakra healing and balancing, Black Agate represents the element earth, and is therefore related to our survival instincts, and to our sense of grounding and connection to our bodies and the physical plane. Ideally, when using black stones at the Root Chakra, they bring us health, prosperity, security, and dynamic presence.

Chakra: root/base