Falcons Eye

See Tigers Eye


Group includes; amazonite, Labradorite, moonstone, and sunstone to name a few.

Can help detachment from the old and can encourage unconventional and exciting methods to reach goals. It helps when working on self-love and self realisation. It is said to aid in finding things that have been misplaced and discovering and understanding messages within and without of the self.

Chakra: see individual types

Folk remedies:

It is believed to be useful in treatment of skin disorders and muscular disorders.


Chemical Composition: NaAlSi3O8 – CaAl2Si2O8

Other Useful Information:

Contains Aluminum.

Flame Aura Quartz / Titanium Aura Quartz

This is not a natural crystal, it is laboratory enhanced Quartz where Titanium and Niobium has been added.   It is a stone of transformations, ideal when needing to change direction or support during times of transition and transformations.  It enhances intuition and said to be beneficial in spiritual initiations and rituals.  It deepens meditation and spiritual attunement and creates a multi-dimensional energy shift.  It is also useful in empathic development and channelling. It teaches us to be flexible and dynamic allowing ourselves to ‘flow’.

It lifts emotionally, comforts and supports.

Chakra: Third eye and soul star.  Draws Kundalini energy up the spine and into the subtle bodies.

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for; AIDS, immune system, multiple sclerosis, cancer, diabetes, and bones.

Other interesting information:

Quartz is placed in a pressurized chamber at high temperature and exposed to pure vaporized Titanium and Niobium. The resulting bond creates the deep blue colour with some violet and gold.


Flint is a variety of chalcedony also see Chalcedony.

It is a powerful cleanser and stabiliser of energy, it is highly protective and has been used since ancient times to turn back curses and ill wishing it is also said to prevent nightmares.

It can be of benefit for people who are shy, can help is severing emotional ties attached to problems and emotionally painful situations. Flint creates strong links to the green man as well as the earth mother.

Chakra: Root

Folk remedies:

It is said to be of benefit in treatment of kidney stones, liver disorders calcium deposits, lung disorders, skin lesions, digestion , supports the reproductive system, and tissue restructuring and elasticity. It is also suggested it can be of benefit to helping overcome depression, warts, moles and overcoming obsessive disorders.


It is said to assist in understanding the roots of depression and acceptance of the shadow side of your nature and finding your inner gift.

Chakra: Root, Sacral


Helps elevate to higher planes of spiritual existence, helps clear problems and blockages and improves concentration.

Chakra: Throat, third eye

Crop Circle Flint

These are natural flint found inside crop circles in England, these are highly energetic and can be felt when they are handled.  It will hold the energy of the crop circles themselves and can be used as evolutionary talismans accelerating spiritual development and awakening.

Chakra: Soul star and third eye.

Folk Remedy:

It is said to be of benefit for; liver and lungs.


Strength, creativity, lifting obsessive tendencies and inner strength during difficult times.

Chakra: Solar plexus

Feng Shui:

It will bring grounding to any part of the house, placed in the centre it will clear negative energy, health, organisation and balance.  Place in the east or family area to honour ancestors, northwest/travel area for physical and spiritual journeys (including astral travel).


Hardness: 7

Chemical Composition: SiO2

Fluorapatite / Fluoroapatite

Fluorapatite is a form of calcium fluorophosphate mineral.  It can vary from clear/colourless (when pure) to yellow/green/yellowish green/ orange/brown (due to impurities such as Iron that are present).

Fluorapatite has been used as a talisman for inner harmony and centeredness. It is ideal for bringing a sense of calm and ‘stillness’ when life may seem chaotic.  It is said to soothe emotions, especially anger and irritability, facilitating the resolution of conflict.  Fluorapatite aids in self-expression and enhancing will power to take responsibility for one’s own actions.  Ideal for goal setting and achieving those goals through consistent action towards one’s goals.

It can bring clarity of thought and focus and is a powerful emotional balancing crystal.

It assists in tuning in with one’s heart and following one’s heart.

Chakra: Solar plexus, Third eye and heart

Feng Shui: 

Place in the centre area for harmony, in relationship corner for harmonious relationships.


It is a highly protective stone especially guarding against psychic attack; it discourages chaos and can help bring order to chaos. It cleanses, purifies and dispels negative energies of all kinds.

Fluorite is said to help bring impartiality, unbiased and detached reasoning to situations helping take an objective view. It can also help dissolve fixed/rigid patterns of behaviour bringing with it self confidence.

A great aid when studying/learning as it helps absorb and process information. It helps understand the balance that is important to any relationship and can stabilise emotions.

Chakra: Heart, Crown – see specific colours of Fluorite.

Folk Remedy:

It is said to be of benefit to balance and coordination. Of benefit to; teeth, bones, treatment against viruses (as an elixir), mobilising joints, colds, flu, sinusitis, pain relief, and said to help heal wounds and skin removing blemishes and wrinkles.


Helps develop thoughts in an orderly manner and assists in clear and concise communication. It is said to be beneficial in eye, nose and throat conditions and can invoke spiritual awakening.

Chakra: Throat


Energises the aura, aligns the chakras, and is said to bring harmony of the intellect and the spirit. It is believed that it can be used to clear the eyes to eliminate obstructions from the iris and pupil to improve sight.

Chakra: Crown


This can help dissipate emotional trauma in the emotional body and reduce negativity from a room. It grounds excess energy and brings information from the subconscious mind and accesses intuition. It is believed to be beneficial in disorders of the stomach and is an auric, mental and chakra cleanser.

Chakra: Heart


Stimulates the third eye and brings rationality to intuitive qualities and can enhance psychic communication. It is excellent during meditation, and assists in psychic and spiritual growth. It is thought to be of benefit to disorders associated with bone and bone marrow and emotional healing.

Chakra: Third eye


It enhances creativity and is said to provide support with intellectual pursuits. In group situations it is said to bring stability to the collective energy and promoted cooperation in connection between all the members.

It is said to be of benefit in the treatment of unbalanced cholesterol, liver disorders, and release of toxins from the body.

Chakra: Solar plexus

Promotes wealth and mental acuity, and teaches principles of manifestation. It also assists in service oriented activities.

Chakra: Solar plexus, Sacral, and Root

Hardness: 4

Chemical composition: CaF2


In ancient time fossils were believed to have been casts of things that has been alive in the past and had been grown in the earth from seeds descendant from the realms of the stars.

Folk Remedies:

They can enhance telepathic communication and heighten and supplement accomplishments in business. It is thought that fossils can be of benefit in stimulation of the thymus, disorders of the skeletal system, and hands and feet.



This is a form of mica.

It aids in accessing knowledge with great practical value. Used during meditation is can access information with regards; physical health, daily routine, schedules, stress, pets, mainstream environments, co workers, and career.

It is of great benefit for people who have a tendency to martyrdom or for those who fall into saviour or rescuer mode. It can help show you what to do to help people on their path and assist in standing by placidly whilst they learn their lift lessons. Fuchsite will amplify the energy of crystals and facilitates their transfer.

Chakra: Heart

Folk Remedies:

It helps bring balance releasing blockages caused by excess energy and shifts energy into positive channels. It is said to balance red and white blood cell count, treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, alignment of the spine, and increase flexibility of muscles.

Hardness: 2.5-4

Chemical Composition: KaI2(AlSi3O10)(F,OH)2

Other Useful Information:

Contains Aluminum.


Also known as the lightning stone as this is fused sand that forms when struck by lightning.  Fulgurites are some of the most powerful stones.  It is said that in combination with prayer Fulgurites can assist in manifesting one’s thoughts.  . Fulgurites have a high-frequency vibration and hold a clear, strong resonance with the powerful electrical force that created them. Their extreme “lightning energy” is believed to be the touch of the Divine.

It is perfect for manifestation and for the law of attraction.  It stimulates creativity and inner power as well as heightening intuition and psychic abilities. It connects to universal knowledge and truth through deep meditation. It can be used for soul retrieval, shamanic practices, journeying and past life work.  It creates a cosmic anchor to the centre of the earth whilst also opening and connecting to higher consciousness.

It is ideal for those wishing to break cycles of bad habits or unproductive behaviours, negative patterns and emotional patterns that do not serve us.  It is a good stone for teachers, healers and psychics as it facilitates a strong connection to the higher realms where information can be accurately relayed.  It is also good for shedding light on the karmic aspects of relationships in our lives. Teaching us to hold the most positive and highest of intents.

Chakra: Root and can be used to raise Kundalini energy

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for; circulation, strengthening muscles and tissues, thymus, immune system, and nervous system

Feng Shui:

Place in the north for career and life path, southwest for relationships and in the west for creativity.

Can be used for gridding to remove negativity, especially strong if placed in a grid to remove negative energy from a client within a treatment.

Hardness: 7 (but structure is very brittle)

Chemical Composition: SiO2

Other Useful Information:

This is electrically charged sand and will fall apart if placed in water. So do not cleanse in water and keep away from heat.

These are fused Quartz which has been created by a lightning strike that has melted and fused the sand or rock where Fulgurites form tubular formations.  The outer surfaces are often rough with some un-fused quartz sand grains, whereas the inner surfaces and openings are usually smooth and glassy. The name fulgurite is from the Latin word “fulgur” meaning lightning.