Quantum Quattro

Quantum Quattro

This is a mix of minerals; Smokey Quartz, Chrysocholla, Malachite, Shattuckite and Dioptase. Its colours vary often having a mix of blue, green and grey.

This is very popular with light workers and halers due to the combination of grounding, clearing and focus that is has on the heart chakra and that its energy radiates out from the heart centre.  Thus perfect for brining harmony and balance between mind, body and spirit.  It is protective and clears and absorbs all forms of energy and releasing it back t the earth.

It is said to assist with one’s inner vision enabling the understanding of issues that present themselves within one’s life.  It facilitates communication of one’s feelings and inner truths with a heart centred higher awareness. Strengthens and heightens intuition.

Emotionally Quantum Quattro is useful for those who have experienced emotional trauma, fear, sadness and/ or grief.  It further assists in emotional healing due to balancing of emotions.  It can also be used to release blockages caused by repressed negative emotions.  It provides inner strength and resilience especially during times of prolonged stress.

Chakra: Third eye, Heart, Throat and Earth Star.

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for; immune system, working with 12 stranded DNA structure, pain, and is said to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities so useful in all healing.

Hardness: 7

Chemical Composition: SiO2


This is known as a master healer and can be used for healing for any condition. It is the most powerful healer and energy amplifier on the planet due to its helical spiral form. It can be used to dispel static electricity and supports the amplification/focusing/storage/transfer and transformation of energy.


Provides clarity of thinking, meditation, cleansing, spiritual development, brings balance and fulfilment. Can help un block energy blockages, transmits and received information and can help guide and assist in the search for the meaning and importance of existence.

Chakra: Crown

Master healer – see Quartz properties above.


Green Quartz opens and stabilises the heart chakra, it is an energy transmuter and inspires creativity.

Chakra: Heart

It is said to be of benefit for the endocrine system

It can bring the energy of the stars to the soul and is said that it can harmonise human energies with those of the universe and to make greater energies available. It is said that quartz acts like a spiritual library that is waiting to be accessed. It can filter out distractions, unlocks memory and it is said that attached to a fuel line in a car it can reduce fuel consumption.

It is beneficial for; clarity of mind, meditation, enhancing psychic abilities and concentration.

Chakra: depends on the specific type of quartz – cleanse the aura and balances the chakras.

Folk Remedies:

It is believed to be of benefit for; bringing the body back into balance, immune system, soothing burns and aligning the subtle bodies.

It is also ideal for reiki grids, crystal healing grids and elixirs.

Feng Shui:

Quartz can be used anywhere in the house to bring balance and cleansing when needed. Used in the centre it brings grounding, balance, good health, spirituality and protection or in the west for projects and creativity.


In natural formation it is quite rare.

It is very calming especially for the mind, diminishes fears and helps bring hope. It also brings an understanding of one’s spiritual nature. Stimulates creativity and assists in passing through a metamorphosis.

Chakra: Throat 

It is believed to help purify the blood stream and strengthen the immune system. It is said to east throat tension and benefits the thyroid, depression and absorption of B vitamin.

Quartz - Auralite 23

This is a relatively new crystal that was discovered in 2007 in the Auralite mine Canada. Each crystal is a mix of several minerals although like Super 7 it may not contain all 23 it is said to hold the vibration of all the minerals that have been identified in the crystals from the mine.

These crystals are about 1.2 billion years old.

Auralite is mainly composed of Amethyst and can contain the following other elements; Titanite, Caxoxenite, Lepidocrosite, Ajoite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Goethite, Pyrolusite, Gold, Silver , Platinum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Limonite, Spharite, Covelite, Chalcopyrite, Gialite, Epidote, Bornite, and Rutile Quartz.

This crystal brings a deep sense of calm, inner peace and contentment.  I enhances psychic sensitivity and enables the ability to see into the truth.  It enhances and stimulates ‘visions’ and can facilitate lucid dreaming.

Connects and opens one up to the angelic realms.

It facilitates ‘inner cleansing’ and release for those who are ready to work on their inner self. Ideal for anyone walking the path of personal development.  Assists in regaining ones personal power, self-acceptance, self-belief and confidence.

A perfect tool that compliments spiritual healing, to rebalance and to bring inner peace and calm.

Auralite 23 teaches living in the now and being able to see the many things one can be grateful for in the now rather than having a perpetual focus on what one does not have.  Showing how to bring thought back to positive intention, self-love, and self-giving. Teaching thinking before speaking to facilitate speaking from ones heart in a positive constructive way, especially beneficial for those prone to being reactive.

Heals inner child and can assist in brining abundance.

Deepens meditation, can facilitate astral projection, journeying, vision questing,

Chakra: All chakras

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for insomnia, eyes, removal of tension, headaches, muscle discomfort and spasms.  It is also said to be helpful in vascular health, improved function and healing.

Feng Shui;  Place in central space to facilitate a loving balanced and supportive environment for all who spend time in the space.

Titanite: Concentration and mental abilities, bringer of good fortune and knowledge.

Cacoxenite: Spiritual cleansing and regeneration. Alignment with the divine.

Lepidocrosite: Healing emotionally, working from the heart centre, soul retrieval and empathy.

Ajoite: Love, emotional healing and connection to angelic realms and ascended masters (goddess stone).

Hematite: Grounding, harmonises and balances mind, manifestation.

Magrnetite: Grounding and repolarizing, alignment and awakens inner potential.

Pyrite: Creativity, grounding, harmonises astra, subtle and causal bodies. Balances yin/yang energies and activates weak chakras.

Goethite: Creates a cosmic anchor connecting to the earths core and the galactic centre. Facilitates opening to cosmic consciousness and facilitates clairvoyance. Releases motional hooks and past life issues.

Pyrolusite: Transformation & transmutations of physical, emotional, mental bodies. Heals areas f disturbance in the aura rebalancing it. Shields and repels negative energy.

Gold: Abundance, manifestation, facilitated communication with the source energy. Facilitates inner beauty t come forth and eliminating ego conflicts.

Silver: It can be used as a mirror to the soul stimulating seeing one’s self from and external perspective, amplifies the energy of other crystal, and connection to the astral body.

Platinum: Balancing and aligning for physical, etheric and subtle bodies of the aura. Said to facilitate maintenance of optimum health. Self-approval and teaches a non-judgemental attitude towards others.

Nickel: Extends dimensionally accessing additional information and assisting in problem solving and personal breakthroughs.

Copper; Amplifies the vibration of other crystals, combats lethargy/passivity/restlessness/excitability/non-acceptance of oneself.  Bringing optimism, diplomacy and independence.

Iron: Grounding and balancing especially on an emotional level. Brings new energies enabling one to dismiss traditional issues.  Facilitates smooth sailing energetically.

Limonite: Assists one towards stability and provides comfort, stability and virility of youth. Protects against negative thoughts, deepens intuitive accuracy.

Spalerite: Balances yin/yang energy assists in identifying treachery and deceit. Enhances and deepens intuition, removes blockages and helps dispel feelings of inferiority.

Covellite: stimulates the 3rd eye, intuition and psychic development, enhances communication and stimulates positivity and optimism. In manifestation is assists in goal setting and creating them into reality. Can act as a reflective mirror ideal in inner work. 

Chalcopyrite: Can assist in finding lost objects, enhances perception and is highly connective with other cultures.  It can remove energy blockages.

Gialite: Blancing and grounding negative energies, deeply connected to the root chakra.

Epidote: Assists in experiencing all aspects of ones life. Dispels critical thinking, enhancing perception it also facilitates participation and interaction.

Bornite: Useful in individual activation of the chakras, bring fresh vibrant energy to life. Happiness and joy in the moment.

Rutile: Angelic protection and shielding from negativity.  Brings strength with love, ease in transition, growth in all adventure of one’s development, calm, reason and order. Connects to the angelic realm

Quartz - Brandberg

Brandburg Quartz

Has a very high vibration and said to be important in spiritual alchemy. It is attuned to the higher consciousness (white flame). It works at all levels, deeply grounding – anchoring deep into the earth and helps one see things with objective eyes. Ideal for meditation, regression and karmic healing and protects against psychic attack.

It assists in self reflection, repels negative energies, calls in positive light, holds light when working in the underworld and brings unconditional love and compassion. It assists the recovery from illness and restores vitality.

It radiates unconditional love and divinity and is profoundly healing especially in matters of te heart ad emotions.  Dissolves past-life heartbreak or soul-contracts and frees one to manifest a partner that supports one in their fullness and spiritual being.

Note: There are several combinations of quartz in the Brandenburg quartz (Smokey, Smokey amethyst, clear with amethyst, citrine and chlorite and mixed combinations of all or some of these) each having a slightly different effect on the user. When looking for a Brandenburg quartz allow yourself to be drawn to one so that you may find one with a harmonious vibration.

It protects against psychic attack and repels negative energy. It assists in spiritual and psychic sight and attaining guidance from the highest source.

Chakra: Crown, third eye, heart and root.

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for; restoring viality, recovery from immune deficiencies, chronic fatigue, nervous system , digestive system and disorders of h skeleton.

Feng Shui:

South East area to enhance your standing within the community and family.

It is a master healer and supports convalescence, immune system, and chronic fatigue and said to ease dental pain.

Brandberg Amethyst / Quartz

This is a beautiful high vibrational Quartz that is only found in Namibia Africa. Forming where powerful earth meridians (ley lines) cross.

It is quite common for this variety of Quartz to have more than one type of Quartz within it due to the minerals present during formation such as clear, smokey, citrine and amethyst.  They will often have remarkable phantoms, enhydros and other rare formations within them.

It will carry the individual general properties associated with quartz present within the crystal.

It will attune the holder to pure consciousness, when used within meditation it can transport you multi-dimensionally to find answers and knowledge. It is a versatile multi-dimensional healing tool.

It radiated unconditional love and divinity of the universe and is a deep haler in matters of one’s emotional wellbeing.  Dissolves past-life heartbreak and soul-contracts, freeing oneself to manifest a partner who supports one in their fullness and spiritual being.

It can be highly useful for deep healing, connecting deeply to the earth chakra. It cleanses and re-attaches one’s cosmic anchor. Assists in gaining knowledge and insight by accessing past-life knowledge.

It can also be a highly effective tool in removing implants, attachments, spirit, possession or mental influences.

Chakra: All, realigns and rebalances chakras and meridians.

Folk Remedies:

A master healer, it is said t support recovery from illness and physical depletion restoring one’s vitality.  Said to be of benefit for concussions, immune deficiencies, chronic fatigue, limbic brain function, dental pain and radiation-related illnesses.

Feng Shui:

Amethyst is used primarily anywhere to help bring change. Used in the Southeast direction, in the Centre for balance and spirituality and in the Northeast for wisdom.

Hardness: 7

Chemical composition: SiO2 with Mn and Fe (Silica dioxide with manganese and Iron present that creates the purple colouration)

Dendritic Quartz

It is similar to moss agate in the sense that it has pictures on its surface, strong connection to earth energies and ideal for scrying.

These crystals are easily identified by the tree, plant or moss-like inclusions.  The branching forms of these are often manganese crystals so these will also pose the properties of Manganese.

The picture shows an exceptional tree form, but like with most formations, far humbler examples contain the same properties and energies.

It shares properties with Faden quartz, in that it aids in making connections, whether that is in physical healing or helping to access the higher self. In chakra healing the usually earthy tones of the dendritic inclusions make it a useful base (1st) chakra stone.

“Dendritic quartz crystals facilitate a closeness with nature and connection to the Earth Mother. It can be used to activate the chakras and to sustain the opening of the chakras to facilitate purity in the total connection to the higher consciousness.”

It has often been used as a personal talisman in mediation and goddess worship for amplifying universal life force.  It is a powerful channel of universal life force and assists in understanding one’s role within the universe.

Chakra: Root

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for; Immune system, circulatory system, migraine headaches, motion sickness, metabolism and weightloss.


Note: Manganese – a mineral of bonding, bringing others closer, co-operation and group cohesiveness. As well as balancing emotions and the physical body.

Dendritic Quartz has a strong affinity with nature and is ideal healing stone for those working with plants or those that wish to gain a better understanding of them.

Quartz - Elestial

Elestial quartz is recognised by its unique formation – natural terminations over the body and face of an etched and/or layered crystal.

Elestial Quartz is far more complex, energetically, geometrically and in terms of properties, than a single crystal or cluster. In the analogy of a single crystal being pocket calculator, an Elestial is a computer. In their natural environment, they act to direct, focus and integrate the “ordinary” crystals in the work they naturally do in the earth. In their interaction with humans, they appear to be able to integrate disparate perceptions, allowing for a more mature understanding of the area being contemplated.

Elestials are said to stabilize brain wave frequencies and to ameliorate erratic and/or confused thoughts; it can further assist in producing an expanded state of awareness and an encouraging energy to speed one toward the light. It assists one in summoning vitality in order to produce advancement towards the eternal brilliance of the spiritual self.

It is said to be an enchanted crystal brining concepts of Shiva and the understanding of the transition of one phase of life to another. It can help to overcome emotional burdens, brings heart and mind into harmony, can help with the understanding of the cycle of life and giving clarity of mind helping one rid mind clutter.

It can help access information and ancient wisdom; contains the absolute and ultimate essential wisdom and can provide for transfer of this insight to the physical intellect via the higher-self. It can be used for gazing with regards to going within for self work. It can help you actualise your full potential, calms erratic or confused thoughts bringing them into coherence and clarity.

It helps meditation, astral travel, assists in communication of emotions, re-awakening of the consciousness of the planet and psychic development.  Elestial Quartz is perfect for creating and holding a sacred space. It can assist in activating and furthering the activities of the third-eye and can stimulate an increase in abilities associated with clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.


Chakra: Crown, third eye, and soul star. Stimulates and unblocks the chakras.

Folk remedies; It is believed to be of benefit for; epilepsy, schizophrenia, burn out, vertigo, and states where emotional and or intellectual stability is required

Quartz - Faden

This is a super grounder and is recognised by the silver cord that runs through the centre of the crystal and its name highlights this as it is a taken from a German word that means thread. It connects the user firmly to the centre of the earth and like the Herkimer diamond it can be used to attune to another.

It is ideal for astral travel as the silver cord will protect during flight and it is also said to be protective during physical air travel so ideal for those working in that profession. It can be used to access parallel dimensions and other planes of existence.

It provides mental and physical stability, aligns the meridians and helps those seeking information.

They are easily programmed and should be cleansed of all previous programs when first received.

Faden Quartz will bring the energy for the greatest good in relationships and this may at times mean a split however meditating with tis quartz will help heal the heart and mind and enabling understanding and healthy recognition.  It can also be useful in cord cutting exercises allowing healing and releasing connections for everyone’s greatest good.

It can be useful for those seeking truth and can enhance telepathic abilities.


Chakra: Crown and root – stimulates and opens the chakras. Rebalances the auric field and fills holes in the auric field.

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for: inflexibility (physically), broken bones, torn ligaments, dexterity, spine and can be used as an elixir for all of the fore mentioned conditions.

Quartz - Fire & Ice

Thermal shock crystal where it is heated then subjected to cold temperatures resulting in inner fractures (inclusions) to appear along which light is refracted creating a myriad of rainbows along the inclusions.

It is a powerful light barer with a high vibration.  It expands awareness and is an expansive crystal on the spiritual level.  It connects to the tree of life, sacred geometry and is useful in shamanic work.  It is also said to connect strongly to the heart chakra of the Andes.

It connects to the heart and is a strong crystal for the Aquarian age, imbued with the spirit of life.  It is a strong stone of manifestation spiritually as well as linking into the ‘law of attraction’.  It can be used in cord cutting and then healing those involved after the cords are cut.  Fire and Ice Quartz can help in connecting to one’s soul purpose and connecting to multi dimensional existence.

It will raise the vibration of all other Quartzes.  Can be used to send healing and energy back to the earth.

Chakra: Soma, Soul star, and crown.  Aligns and rebalances all chakras.

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for; pineal gland, pituitary gland, kidneys, endocrine system, reproductive system, anxiety, depression, and urinary tracts. Raises higher kundalini energy in the light body.

Additional Information:

It is a self-cleansing crystal. Said to connect to Buddhist Diamond healing, archangel Raphael.

Quartz - Golden Healer

It is a high vibrational master healer and said to take the healing properties of Quartz to the next level.  It is filled with joy and connects to all that is giving a strong sense of positivity and interconnectedness.  It is filled with life force energy and stimulates flow of Ki/Qi energy within the body rebalancing and energising the chakras and meridians.

It is a powerful crystal on the spiritual level and connects to ascended masters, ideal for practitioners that do energy work connecting to ascended masters as it helps ground the energy to the earth plane.   It connects deeply to ones ‘higher self’ and assists in following one’s soul purpose and making any transformations required to follow one’s path without ego.  It also helps facilitate major changes without any great effort or fuss. 

Will release any blocked or repressed emotions from the solar plexus and is a good stone for multi-dimensional healing.  It can be used to dedicate healing anywhere in the earth whether it be to specific situations, people, animals or the earth itself.  It is a true light bearer giving light and joy where it is most needed.

Chakra: Alta major and solar Plexus

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be a master healing crystal sending healing anywhere within the body to reach optimal energetic functioning.

Quartz - Harlequin

Identified by the series of red dots in the quartz crystals these are either hematite or Lepidocrocite.

It balances the polarities and the meridians as well as connecting the root and heart with the crown chakra. It helps with the expression of universal love. It balances emotionally encouraging; self-worth, self-love, self-belief and self-acceptance as well ass healing old wounds caused by self-judgemental patterns and self-punishing behaviour.

It is useful in facilitating connections with one’s spirit guide.

Chakra: Root, heart and crown

Folk Remedies;

It is said to be of benefit for; depression, soothing extremes of emotion, circulation, increases physical energy, and strengthens veins, memory and thyroid as well as activating the will to recover from illness.

Quartz - Lithium

It is a combination of Lithium and Quartz either internally or externally.

It is deeply calming and soothing and is ideal for help in releasing/ easing stress and tension.  It radiates inner peace and joy.  It heightens meditation and supports spiritual growth.  It easily connects to higher realms and assists in making deep beautiful heartfelt connections.

It is a powerful healer and yet it feels very gentle and soft.  Lithium Quartz can be used for healing emotional issues from past lives.  It can be used for emotional and physical balancing and connects to the purple flame energy of forgiveness.

It is self-cleansing and self clearing and emanates a light from it radiating harmony.  Within intimate relationships it can enhance intimacy and passion. 

It teaches to ‘let go and release to the universe’ and by doing this and aligning with the divine, you can and will manifest wonderful things.  It is also a good crystal for use with animals and plants.

Chakra: Third eye, heart, however it activates and cleanses all chakras.

Feng Shui:  Place in the centre to bring harmony and peace or in the relationship area to bring passion, intimacy and harmony

Folk Remedies:  It is said to be of benefit for; Anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, it is also said to purify water, and insomnia.

Quartz - Orange River

These are Quartz crystals from the areas surrounding the Orange Rover near Riemvasmaak in Northern Cape of South Africa. Colour can vary from orang, red, pale pink, golden and brown.

It is a high energy crystal that is revitalising on all levels it is attuned to the vermilion flame of spiritual will.

It heightens intuition and is particularly useful in accessing intellectual information. It brings vibrance and thirst for life. Stimulates creativity and draws life force from te earth chakra activating creativity from the root to the crown.


It is useful in connecting and accepting one’s soul purpose by aligning you with your higher self. It dissolves negativity and prevents negativity entering into your aura.  Facilitates out of body journeying whilst keeping you connected and bringing you back in and grounding back to the earth plane after such journeys.

Chakra: Root and solar plexus.

Folk Remedies:


It is said to be of benefit for; realigning the meridians, blood, liver, spleen, stimulating the immune system and reproductive organs.

Quartz - Rainbow Mayanite

A rare naturally iridescent quartz when seen in natural light, rainbows are visible along the surface pf the orange/ brown toned crystals.

It is a high vibrational crystal that activated and balances all of one’s chakras.  It is powerful in realising old patterns that no longer serve one’s greatest good especially in the case of negative emotional patterns.

It heightens awareness and opens consciousness to b more receptive to the energies pouring onto the earth at this Aquarian age.

If combed through the auric field it will remove attachments, hooks, implants and patterns, replacing these energies with beneficial energies that enable deep core healing.  It can be used in past-life haling.

Shield’s and protects the auric field.

Chakra: All

Folk Remedies:

It is said that through balancing the aura it promotes a state of wellbeing and boosts the body’s natural healing abilities.

Quartz - Rose

‘The stone of universal love’, Rose quartz teaches us to first love from within and see the beauty in ourselves before working outside and showing us the love that surrounds us.  It is a gentle crystal which is soothing and warming, purifying and opening to the heart at all levels. It represents love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiveness, lovingness, self love and emotional balance.

Chakra: Heart/higher heart chakra

Folk Remedies:

Rose Quartz can be used to facilitate emotional healing, ease loss, calm stress, relieve hurt, calms in times of emotional turmoil, dissolve fear, help strengthen low confidence, resolves resentment and quells anger. Slowly eases childhood traumas/neglect/lack of love and low self-esteem. Rose quartz aligns mental, emotional, and astral bodies. It is said to benefit the heart and circulatory systems and aids the cleansing organs, as well as being of benefit for fertility.  Said to be a great nurturing and calming stone for children when a piece of rose quartz placed in their room or worn.

Feng Shui:

Rose Quartz can be used to balance both Yin and Yang. Use rose quartz in the Southwest area for relationships (be sure and use two). Use in the Centre area for emotional balance or in any other area where emotional healing is needed.

Quartz - Rutilated

Rutilated Quartz

It is characterised by the angel hair (Rutile) that is included in the quartz and it can be gold, silver or red in colour.

Integrator of energy at any level that promotes spiritual growth, protects from psychic attach and negative influences, astral travel, scrying, channelling, contact with the angelic realms, and helps break down barriers to spiritual growth.

Assists in letting go of the past and is ideal for therapists and practitioners to protect from negativity or negative energy released during the treatment. It helps reach the root of the problem, soothes dark moods, relieves phobias/fears and promotes forgiveness.

Chakra: Crown-cleanses and energises the aura.

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for impotence, fertility, chronic conditions, exhaustion, balancing the thyroid, repelling parasites, bronchitis, and is said to encourage an upright posture.

Feng Shui: 

Place in the centre for protection and healing.  Grid in meditation spaces and treatment rooms to connect to angelic healing and protection.

Quartz - Shaman / Shamanic Dream Quartz

These are included Quartz that have various mineral inclusions (chlorite, hematite, Kaolin Mica, Fluorite, Rutile) and whose colours can vary widely (creams, yellows, browns, greens and pink within the Quartz).

As the name would suggest it is a powerful crystal that resonated strongly with shamanic healing. It is ideal for; trance work, soul healing, vision questing, astral travel, deep meditation ad shamanic healing practices.

It can enhance communication with the spirit realm as well as connecting deeply with nature. Shaman Quartz can be useful in assisting in problem solving and obtaining answers.  It absorbs negativity from the environment and clears out any build up of stagnant energy.

Chakra: All with a strong connection to crown and soul star.

Quartz - Smokey

A strong grounding stone, it also raises vibration during meditation, it can transform negative emotions and negative patterns dissolving negativity and allowing positivity to entre in.

Teaches us how to leave behind things that no longer serve us, releases fear, aligns the meridians, protective and creates a protective barrier around the body, promotes joy in living and improves intuition.

It helps lift fear, lifts depression, alleviates nightmares, promotes pragmatism, balances yin and yang energies, helps regulate creativity in business and develops astuteness in purchasing.

Chakra: Root

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for; abdomen, hips, legs, pain relief, reproductive system, cramps, strengthens the back, fortifies the nerves, people who are undergoing chemotherapy, and radiation-related illness.

Feng Shui:

Place on area of geopathic stress to counteract the effect of the stress on your body these can be used in grids or placed over specific stress lines.

Quartz - Spirit / Cactus

It has a high spiritual vibration, uplifting, facilitates out of body journeying, it works well for reframing the past, brings universal love with it and promotes self-forgiveness (idea for use with purple flame meditations).

It balances energy especially yin and yang, assists in death (guiding the soul to the afterlife), and provides comfort for those left behind after a death. It is also said to be good for harmony, insights into problems, patience, overcoming obsessive behaviour and for emotional and physical detox

Note there are several different formations of spirit quarts and it is sometimes known as cactus quartz for its cactus like experience however spirit quartz will have a higher vibration in addition to the general properties of; citrine or amethyst for example.

Chakra: Crown, higher crown – aligns and purifies all the chakras

Folk Remedies;

It is believed to facilitate multi-dimensional spiritual and cellular healing

Quartz - Strawberry

It is energising and brings vitality and stimulates the heart filling the user with the feeling of love. Can be used for travelling to the centre of life, assists in enjoying and loving the moment. It has links with Lemuria and Atlantis.  It connects to universal love and can be very soothing and calming 9especilly for those working in a fast paced environment). It amplifies intentions of love, gratitude, and generosity. It is often used to assist in attracting a ‘soul mate’.

It can assist in healing ad releasing negative emotional patterns.

It brings balance between the psyche and emotions.  It is ideal for those embarking on a new spiritual path or opening up spiritually.  It is a good facilitator of gaining hidden knowledge and can aid during meditation or journeying.  It can be helpful in learning about past lives and astral travel and gathering information on these endeavours.

Feng Shui: Useful in healing layouts and can be placed as a pair in the relationship corner for ‘soul mate’ relationships.

Chakra: Heart

Folk Remedies:

See Quartz

Hardness: 7

Chemical Composition: SiO2

Quartz - Snow

It is said to be beneficial when learning lessons as it can help let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations.  Snow Quartz is highly soothing, calming and eases mental stress. It is said to be helpful in helping people who are prone to martyrdom or victimhood. It helps instil tactful communication, links to deep inner wisdom and is a stone of cooperation with others. It is said that it is a very ‘yin’ crystal, so feminine energy.

It balances emotions and soothes tendencies to be emotionally over reactive.  Snow Quartz also teaches us to be patience and how to look at the world with childlike eyes completely free from cynicism.  It is beneficial for relationships. 

Snow Quartz is beneficial for gentle introspection and meditation.    It is useful for purification on spiritual and other levels.

Chakra: Crown, aligns and balances chakras.

Folk Remdies;

It is said to be of benefit for; Immune system, cramps, scalp, abdominal pain, and headaches.

Hardness: 7


Chemical Composition; SiO2

Quartz - Tabular

Tabular Quartz is also known as ‘Tabby Quartz’.  Which refers to the particular appearance of this form of Quartz; these crystals are flat in shape and have two sides that are much wider than the other four. 

These are powerful crystals for thought and energy transmitting and contain information relating to planet Earth.  Tabby Quartz crystals have notches on at least one side if not both, which when rubbed within a meditation or as part of a relaxation will often release/impart the stored information to the user.  Tabular Quartz is useful for meditation and can assist in attunement with the Earth’s energies as well as communication with higher realms.

During times of confusion  and/or misinterpretation it is beneficial for bringing clarity of thought and communication this will work with others as well as with the inner-self. 

It can be used within healing layouts and treatments for clearing energetic blockages.   They can be used to activate other crystals. The double terminated tabbies are the most useful type to use, as like all double terminated crystals the energy will flow freely in and out of the crystal.

Chakra: Clears and aligns chakras and auric field, crown and soul star.

Feng Shui;

Tabular Quartz is a powerful crystal for use in gridding of spaces.

Folk Remedies;

See Quartz.

Hardness: 7

Chemical Composition: SiO2

Quartz - Tangerine

This is naturally coated transparent orange quartz it is excellent for shock or after trauma, helps recovery after psychic attack, past life healing, and can help take you beyond limited self-belief and self- sabotaging thoughts.

It is beneficial for focusing thoughts during meditation.

It is a useful aid in manifestation, stimulating creativity, self-belief, self-worth and positivity.  It brings hope, joy and courage and is perfect for anyone feeling a little ‘stuck’ or lack lustre for life.  Tangerine Quartz can also be used in meditation to gain clarity and guidance for what is required in order to succeed in endeavours. 

It connects deeply to the inner child, which by doing so will in return assist in reminding us to approach life with curiosity and inspiration.

Chakra: Solar Plexus and sacral and is useful in auric and etheric cleansing.

Folk Remedies;

It is said to be of benefit for; Lower abdominal pain, also see Quartz.

Hardness; 7

Chemical Composition; SiO2

Quartz - Tibetan

It contains ancient information which can be accessed through meditation, can be used to access the akashic record, and purifies and energizes the meridians.  It is used often in the East to bring knowledge of healing and spirituality to the user.

It is ideal for centring within oneself and contains a powerful ‘OM’ vibration.  It is said to assist in channelling and clairaudience.  It is protective and ideal in shielding and protective grids. 

Chakra; Crown and Third eye. It brings about deep healing of the subtle bodies and expands the aura.

Feng Shui:

It is ideal for protective grids and for cleansing and sanctifying treatment rooms.

Folk Remedies;

Said to be of benefit for; Nervous system, also see Quartz.

Quartz - Tourmalinated

It combines the properties of Quartz and Tourmaline also read these individuals for more information.

A protective stone with a gentler vibration that tourmaline on its own so for those that find tourmaline over powering this is a very good option. It is grounding, turns negative thoughts or energies into positive ones and helps alleviate self-sabotage. Ideal for use in problem solving and can be used to dissolve patterns that are crystallised or destructive.

Chakra: Harmonises meridians, subtle bodies and chakras.

Hardness: 7

Chemical composition: SiO2