Named after the place where it was initially discovered, in the foothills of the world’s second highest mountain, mount K2.  It is a combination of Afghanite and Azurite although some sources also say it may contain Malachite as the stone appears with blue and sometimes green spots.

It is also sometimes referred to as ‘Stone of Indigo’ which holds strong qualities relating to memory and communication as well as indigo children.  It is said to increase thought pattern, memory, speech/communication, encouraging photographic memory and increase telepathy.  It is perfect for connection with indigo children as well as a balancing and soothing effect for indigo children giving the energy required and balancing and soothing where abilities such as telepathy may feel overwhelming.

It is ideal for people needing to see the smallest of detail and really useful in contractual situations especially for business.  It brings richness into life; financial, love, or general success.  It gives strength, and emotional calm and balance and brings joy and happiness.  It is perfect for resolving inner conflict.

On the spiritual plane, this stone facilitates our connection to ‘source’, can assist in accessing the Akashic Records and is a valuable tool for use in soul retrieval. K2 assists user in becoming more grounded, balanced and assists in living in harmony. This high vibrational stone aids the user in developing a deeper sense of empathy and compassion.

Chakra: Throat, third eye, alta major and soul star.

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for; stamina, migraines, headaches, strengthens bones, obsessive compulsive disorder.

Hardness: 5

Chemical Composition: Afghanite  (Na,Ca,K)8Al6Si6O24(Cl2,SO4,CO3)3 · 0.5H2O and  Asurite Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2


Rare – from Greenland

It is a high energy filled with life force and vitality. It teaches us to breathe and be connecting to the earth and infinity at the same time. Provides a conduit for cosmic life force, it draws together soul companions and members of a soul group.

It helps assess if soul contacts are current and if not helps in cutting ties. It helps is adaptability and finding a way through times of adversity. It disperses jealousy, animosity, anger, resentment and aids in forgiveness.

Chakra: Earth, heart, root, crown and soul star. – Opens all the chakras and allows in pouring of light and activation of a cosmic anchor.

Folk Remedy:

It is believed to be of benefit in seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and re energise and oxygenate the body it is also said to be helpful in strengthening the optic nerve, supporting the live, blood and nervous system.

Feng Shui:

Placed in pairs in the relationship area to attract soul connections/ relationships or you have already found this it helps strengthen the bond.

Hardness: 7.5             

Chemical Composition: It is complicated and so not included here.

Other Useful Information:

Please note that this contains Lead, do not place direct in water to create elixirs.


Kakortokite is a local name for a variety of agpaitic nephelinic syenite with distinct cumulate structure and, agnetic layering consisting of recurrent bands rich in alkaline feldspar, Eudialyte and arfvedsonite (also can contain Sodalite, magnetite, rinkite, fluorite, lölingite, sphalerite and galena).

Kambaba Jasper

See Jasper


Kammererite/ Kammerite

It is thought that it is to have originated from Sweden and was given the name after the Russian scientist August Alexander Kammerer.

It relatively rare stone.

Chlorite rich stone, with chromium.

Kammereite are strong crystals, deeply protective and shielding (especially for house protection grids). They assist in balancing the brain and assist in your thinking. Kammererite assists in connecting with the angelic realm.

It assists in deepening meditation that created a profound sense of connection to the higher forces. It is said to be a crystal of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Assisting in understanding one’s life purpose.

It teaches us to become more ‘flexible’ especially if one finds strong beliefs and views from childhood creating patterns and thoughts that are difficult to shift even as an adult.

Emotionally it would assist to release anger, guilt, fear and negative emotions.

Chakra: Soul star, crown, third eye and higher etheric chakras.

Feng Shui:

Use Kammererite to create protection grid in the centre area for the home.

Folk Remedies:

Kammererite is said to be of benefit for detoxifying the body, clearing infection and bacteria that may cause illness.  It is also said to assist in alleviating pain, stiffness in muscles and joints.  Boosting male reproductive system.

Hardness: 2-2.5


Chemical Composition: (Mg,Fe,Cr)5Al(Si3Al)O10(OH)8


Kimberlite is an igneous rock that sometimes contains Diamonds.  It was named after the town of Kimberley in South Africa where the 83.5 Carat diamond ‘The Star of South Africa’ was found.

It may also contain limonite, garnet, diopside and enstatite (hypersthene) amongst other minerals.

Kimberlite is deeply grounding and protective that assists in inspiring courage and direction.

Kimberlite boosts self-confidence and self-worth allowing one to become more decisive. I can help instil trust, loyalty and hope. It assists in facing and embracing change especially in times when it may seem that change is beyond one’s control.

Kimberlite is a great stone for manifestation and bringing abundance to the earth plane.

It deepens meditation and assists in achieving clarity of thought during meditation to see what is needed in order to attain one’s highest good. Assists in visualisation and can be useful in vision quests.

Chakra: Earth Star, Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Crown and Third eye.

Folk Remedies:

Kimberlite is said to assist in de-acidifying the body and regulating mineral balance.  It is said to increase a sense of vitality and stamina.

Hardness: 6-7


Chemical Composition: KMg3(AlSi3O10)(OH)2 may also contain CaMgSiO4/ CaTiO3/ Mg3Al2(SiO4)3

Kundalini Quartz

See Quartz


A powerful high level stone, opening and awakening the heart centre and brings unconditional love and produces loving thoughts and communication. It also aligns the heart chakra with the throat and third eye enhancing communication of the heart and inner truth and intuition whilst reducing the mind chatter of fear from the head.

Creates a shield for the aura protecting it from unwanted entities, and can help achieve deep meditative states. It enhances creativity, intuition, self-expression; helps remove obstacles from your path and recovering memories that have been blocked.

It can remove emotional debris from past lives and can lift moods and help lift depression. It can be used to block Geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog especially with regards mobile phones.

Chakra: Crown and heart

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit to the heart, heart muscles, lungs, circulatory functions and to ease stress related dis-ease. It clears energy blockages, soothes joint pain, calms epilepsy and stimulates the immune system.


It is said to be of great benefit for soul retrieval work and can help journey to the past to where the site of soul loss.

Chakra: Crown

Green / Hiddenite

Helps stimulate intellect and the loving side of one’s nature and transfers knowledge from higher realms. It assists in releasing feelings of failure and for people who put on a brave face. Hiddenite can ground spiritual love and supports new beginnings.

Chakra: Heart

Folk Remedies;

It is said to assist in insight when diagnosing disorders of the physical body. It can give strength to areas of weakness in the body and is said to support the thymus and to stimulate spiritual insight.

Lilac /Kunzite

Creates a celestial doorway and is a symbol of infinity it helps transition for the dying and can help departing soul move over into enlightenment. It assists in breaking through barriers.

Chakra: Heart


It deflects radiation and clears electromagnetic smog and deflects microwaves away from the aura.

Chakra: Solar plexus – aligns the chakras

Feng Shui:

Placed in the north it assists with personal growth and journeys, in the northeast for self-cultivation and for removing obstacles.

Hardness: 6.5-7

Chemical Composition:LiASi2O6

Other Useful Information:


Contains Aluminium.


Ideal for attunement and meditation, it assists in calming and clearing the mind and is helpful in accessing the astral plane when connecting with your guides. Can induce dream recall and promotes dream solving often providing a solution in the dream state.

It is tranquil and is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of energies. It does not hold negative energy so does not require cleansing. It assists in self expression and communication cutting through ignorance and promoting truth. It has a calming effect especially on the third eye and throat chakras. It stimulates psychic awareness on all levels and helps bring clarity. Kyanite connects to higher levels of intuition and heartfelt love which brings compassion.

Chakras: Third eye and throat – aligns all chakras automatically and immediately.

Folk Remedies:

It is believed to be of benefit in muscular and urogenital disorders it is also said to benefit; adrenal glands, throat, parathyroid glands, and the brain. It is also said to be a natural pain reliever, lowers blood pressure, heals infection and said to help release excess weight.

Feng Shui:

The most common light blue and black colours represent both water and winter. Placed in the centre it is ideal for grounding, balance and spiritual growth. It can be used in the north for success and if you need change in your life then place it in the direction you need it most.


Improves communication strengthens the voice and said to be of benefit for the throat and larynx.

Chakra: Throat


Grounding and also aligns the chakras during or after meditation.

Chakra: Root


It has a higher resonance than the opaque Kyanite it is self purifying and its vibration is extremely light and fast. Helps to enter meditative states rapidly, connects to soul path and true vocation. Misuse of this will rebound to the wearer, must be used with integrity and purpose!

Opens and un locks the third eye, smoothes the way for lasting relationships, programme a pair for intuitive, telepathic communication and to bring harmony and unconditional love to a relationship.

Chakra: Activates all higher chakras

Folk Remedies:

It is believed to help ovulation or ovulation pain as well as the larynx and can be of benefit in hoarseness.


It enables you to see to the energy and intent held by people on a heart level enabling you to make see people’s true motives. It teaches us to connect with nature and the elementals that reside in nature.  It has been said that green Kyanite can be placed on pot plants to assist in giving the plant stamina.

It radiates the vibration of divine love.  It is calming, soothing and balancing to the mind, body and soul.  Whilst also heightening and amplifying high frequency energies making it a very useful companion in mediation and energy attunements as it will also assist in transferring information from the third eye to the heart. Strengthens and deepens heart mind connection.

Chakra: Works on all the Chakra with a heightened affinitiy for the Heart Chakra.  It restores Qi (ki) energies and balances ying and yang energies.


This is a high vibrational crystal brining uplifting and optimistic energy.  It enhances intuition ‘gut instinct’. This Orange/red Kyanite brings light and creativity on all levels and assists in creative and out of the box thinking.  It is a powerful attunement stone and aligns emotional, intellectual, spiritual subtle and physical bodies.  It can be used to balance yin/yang energies and is a good grounding crystal.

A perfect stone for artists and musicians as it assists in self-expression and encourages sharing of their work with others.

Chakra: Sacral and root. Aligns all chakras.

As with other forms of Kyanite it does not absorb energy so does not require cleansing.

Folk remedies;

Said to be of benefit for; lower back and womb.

Hardness: 4.5-5

Chemical Composition: Al2 SiO5

Other Useful Information:

Contains Aluminium.