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Tumbled Stones

Has been the most popular items since we started.  Probaly because tumbled stones are so versatile allowing you to get started with crystals with even the smallest of budgets.

We have a huge stock of Tumbled stones from the most popular to the relatively unusual and rare.

The Moldavite Collection

Our most popular Jewellery Collection the Moldavite Collection since 2017.

We carefully hand select Moldavite which has been sourced by a meteorite collector in Czech Republic these are then carefully set in 925 Sterling Silver.

Moldavite is a form of Tektite, impact glass from a Meteorite that struck the earth and can be found in the Czech Moldavite is a forest green tektite meteorite that was thought to have been formed by large impact event in Germany (creating the Ries crater) that spread its particulate matter to the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria.


Labradorite is so mesmerising with its beautiful colours that alter as the light catches it from different angles.

Perfect for meditation spaces or to be worn and carried to deepen meditation and to enhance or develop; shamanic journeying, vision questing and astral projection.


Own your own piece of pre-history. With our range of fossils ranging from; early life forms on earth, dinosaurs, ancient sharks and mammoths.

Perfect gift ideas for people that love ancient history.  From beginner collectors to avid fossil collectors or enthusiasts we have something in this collection.