Eilat Stone

This comprises of copper, turquoise, azurite, Chrysocholla and other minerals that help to stabilise the structure. It joins the higher heart, heart and throat chakras on a spiritual level. It balances yin and yang energies whilst harmonizing yet stimulating which results in an emotionally calm but not flat life. It also encourages telepathy between soul partners.

It is said to help problem solving and to stimulate creativity, and has a strong ability to heal deep emotional pain from trauma and abuse. It encourages self-expression and for one to stand in their own power.

Chakra: Heart, solar plexus and throat

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for memory, bone and tissue regeneration, sinuses, pain tumours, liver, thyroid and menstrual cramps. It is recommended for whole body healing.

Feng Shui:

Can be used anywhere to bring balance if used in the centre it will bring balance as well as good health and spirituality. It can also be used to cleanse negativity from the environment around it.

Hardness: 3.5-4.5

Chemical Composition: CuSiO3,2H2O

Other Useful Information:

Toxic, contains Copper do not place in water and also do not cleanse in water.

Electric Aura Quartz / Royal Azure Aura Quartz

See Quartz Section


Emerald is a form of Beryl.

Said to be the stone of inspiration, infinite patience and successful love. With it comes domestic bliss. It helps instil sensitivity and loyalty within self and others; enhancing unity, unconditional love, partnership, and promotes friendship.

It can eliminate negativity from one’s life and brings forth positive actions to assist in you remaining centred. It can bring clarity of mind, strengthens the memory, inspires a deep inner knowing, and broadens vision.

Assists in peaceful dreams and helps with insomnia. It brings mental and emotional balance and can be valuable in meditative healing work.

Chakra: Heart

Folk Remedies:

It is believed to aid in recovery after infectious illness and treatment of disorders of; spine, lungs, heart, sooths the eyes, and muscular system. It is also believed to alleviate rheumatism and diabetes and is an antidote to poison.

Feng Shui:

Used mainly in the southeast for wealth and it can also be used in the southwest for relationships or the north for personal growth and journeys.


Chemical Composition: Be3Al2Si6018

Other Useful Information:

Contains Aluminum.


It is worth noting that some people do not respond well to Epidote as it increases spiritual attunement and removes ingrained resistance to spiritual awakening. It dispels critical-ness, enhances keen perception, stimulates participation and interaction and supplements personal power, and offers courage

It is ideal for those who easily fall into cycles of victimhood or martyrdom it allows you to look objectively at yourself removing self criticism. It also clears negative emotional states, stress and self pity.

Chakra: Heart

Folk Remedy:

It is helpful to release emotional trauma, increase stamina, nervous and immune systems, cellular memory, and dehydration. As an elixir it is said to soften skin and is said to be helpful in treatment of disorders associated with the brain, thyroid, gall bladder and adrenal glands.

Hardness: 6

Chemical Composition: Ca2(Fe3+Al)3(SiO4)3(OH)

Other Useful Information:

Contains Aluminum.


It can produce strong flowing connection between all of the chakras which brings loving personal power to the realm of spirituality. It harmonises communication and can bring responsiveness to the user. Erythrite strengthens core energy at any level whether it is the spine, body or light body or the planet. It can bring confidence, personal empowerment, and assurance of inner strength.

It aid in seeing in many directions and the ability to assimilate the knowledge coming from each – powerful when working on self development.

Erythrite should not be used as an elixir.

Chakra: Energises all.

Folk Remedies:

It is believed to be of benefit in supporting bone marrow, blood cells, overcoming core cellular disorders, inflammation, and for the skin

Hardness: 1.5-2.5

Chemical Composition:Co3(AsO4)2.8H2O


Connected to Kundalini energy and therefore has a strong life force. It aligns chakra flow to connect mind and spirit with the emotional body that can bring profound reorientation. Helps teach spiritual growth through joy and fulfilment and if a situation/relationship needs to end it will help this happen peacefully and without conflict.

Ideal for journeying to past lives, personal empowerment, releasing negative emotions especially jealousy and anger, and promotes self-love and forgiveness. Draws together soul companions, and if you have met a soulmate where there are questions regarding the relationship then sleeping with Eudialyte will answer (these may come in unexpected ways).

Chakra: Heart and root

Folk Remedies:

It is believed to be of benefit to multi-dimensional cellular healing, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, MS, Lupus and encouraging the body to self-heal.


Chemical Composition: Na4(Ca,Ce)2(Fe2+,Mn,Y)ZrSi8O22(OH,Cl)2