It teaches us acceptance of the negative sides of existence and also shows us how to identify the stumbling blocks along the path whilst showing us that we can navigate these rather than feeling as if we have hit a brick wall that blocks the way.

It prevents despondency, acceptance of the duality of life; assists moving quickly form the physical level to the psychic/intuitive/or spiritual levels. Helps access past, present and future and aids communication with those states.

Ideal for ritual and magical practice for the greater good, journeying, regaining knowledge and magical knowledge, accessing ancient knowledge with strong links with ancient Greece and Egypt.

It helps access spiritual vibrations and brings them to the earth plane. Warms and grounds, invigorates and harmonises emotions/passion/appetite.

Chakra: Solar plexus, sacral and root

Folk Remedies:

It is believed to be of benefit for; rejuvenating the body, energising the body, digestion, spleen, assimilation of nutrients and cleanses and uplifts.

Hardness: 2.5-3

Chemical Composition: Pb(MoO4, WO4)

Other Useful Information:


Toxic, contains Molybdenum do not place in water and also do not cleanse in water, do not make elixirs.