It balances emotions with spirituality, it promotes visualisation and psychic vision, facilitates re-birthing process, releases blockages which have inhibited growth and helps one go beneath the physical symptoms of dis-ease in order to see the root cause.

Ideal for scrying, especially if used as part of casting scrying where it is kept in a pouch with 10-12 other crystals which are then cast on a scrying wheel. It absorbs electromagnetic pollution, past life healing, assists reframing, allows issues to be brought to the surface so that they can be dealt with and released.

Chakra: Heart

Folk Remedies:

It is believed to be of benefit for; recovery from major illness, reproductive systems, weight gain where required, aids healthy pregnancy, skin and hair growth, and can be used to gain weight in specific areas through programming the crystal.

Feng Shui:

Place in centre or in any room for calming qualities.

Harness: 6-7


Chemical Composition: SiO2 Ca2(Fe,Al)Al2


Spiritually purifying, serenity, brings knowledge of universal truths, and is said to aid in the study of arts, science and maths.

It brings into alignment with the higher self by shifting the frequencies of the subtle bodies and awakening the light body. It acts as a communicator with the angelic realms aids in actions being guided by higher spiritual guidance and assists in attracting people to you.

Assists in past life healing, rectification of karmic deficiencies, neutralises old anger, brings happiness and joy, can awaken the un-awakened soul and in those who have already made the transition it can pull them back to denser energies.

Chakra: Heart, crown and higher crown chakras

Folk Remedies:

It is said to be of benefit for; impotency, hypertension, anaemia, enhances T cell production, regulates over production of white cells, balances the body’s ph and stabilises the body’s temperature.

Hardness: 6

Chemical Composition: Na2AlSi3O8(OH)

Other Useful Information:


Contains Aluminium.