Watermelon Tourmaline Slice Pendant


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Watermelon Tourmaline is hard t get hold of as it is a rare formation of Tourmaline.

This piece has been set in a simple bezel setting using 925 Sterling Silver and hs an open back allowing the light to pass through it.

The pendant inc bail measures; 36x21x4mm

length of stone without bail; 25mm

Watermelon Tourmaline 

This is tourmaline that is configured of green or
blue edge with a pink or red core.


It is a super activator of the heart chakra linking it to the higher self and brings with it love, tenderness and friendship. It teaches tact and diplomacy, enhances/develops patience, helps appreciate the beauty of nature and assists in understanding and seeing lessons in life. It enhances cooperative efforts and balances emotions.


It assists relationships, helps find the joy and/or humour in situations and dissolves resistance to becoming whole.



Chakra: Crown, throat, heart and root.




It is an energy transmuter where it transforms dense energy into lighter vibrations and has the ability to ground spiritual energy and can also create a protective shield around the body.


It is said to attract inspiration, can diminish fears and dispels negative energies, removes blockages, balances male and female energies, and is said to promote balance between the left and right brain hemispheres.

It has an affinity with the devic kingdom and is highly beneficial for plants and gardening, it is even said to keep pests at bay even those buried in the soil and also to promote crop growth.


It is said to help in self understanding as well as understanding those around us, promotes self confidence, releases tension and attracts compassion, understanding, tolerance and prosperity.



Chakras: Relates to all of them and clears, maintains and stimulates each of the energy centres of the body. It also clears the aura




Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery is a quick and simple way to connect with crystals and start using them,

  1. Wear specific gemstones for specific properties
  2. Balance chakras using chakra jewellery or specific colours for a specific chakra
  3. The crystal will be close to you all the time
  4. Many options as to where and how jewellery can be worn

There are so many possibilities.


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Dimensions10 × 5 × 3 mm


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