Rutilated Quartz Earring & Pendant Set – Oval


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Crystal & Gemstone Pendants

Oval shaped golden rutilated quartz cabochons.

These gemstones have been set into simple bezel settings with an open back allowing the crystal to be in contact with your skin and for the light to shine through the gemstones.

All settings are 925 sterling silver.

Perfect for any occasion.

The golden rutilated quartz is sometimes called angel hair as the strands of golden rutile look like strands of fine golden hair-like structures in the clear quartz.

pendant with bail; 27x13x7mm
pendant stone;17x12x6mm

earrings from the bottom of ear wire;15x9x6mm
earrings stones;11x8x5mm

Rutilated Quartz

It is characterised by the angel hair (Rutile) that is included in the quartz and it can be gold, silver or red in colour.

Integrator of energy at any level that promotes spiritual growth, protects from psychic attach and negative influences, astral travel, scrying, channelling, contact with the angelic realms, and helps break down barriers to spiritual growth.

Assists in letting go of the past and is ideal for therapists and practitioners to protect from negativity or negative energy released during the treatment. It helps reach the root of the problem, soothes dark moods, relieves phobias/fears and promotes forgiveness.

Chakra: Crown-cleanses and energises the aura.

Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery is a quick and simple way to connect with crystals and start using them,

  1. Wear specific gemstones for specific properties
  2. Balance chakras using chakra jewellery or specific colours for a specific chakra
  3. The crystal will be close to you all the time
  4. Many options as to where and how jewellery can be worn

There are so many possibilities.


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Weight100 g
Dimensions10 × 5 × 3 mm


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