Raw Adamite Mineral 46 x 47 x 35 mm


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Raw Adamite Crystals in Matrix

Natural Raw Adamite Mineral in matrix.

Adamite is a zinc arsenate mineral that was first discovered in Chile in the late 1800’s. The green that is sometimes seen with Adamite is cause by copper as Adamite crystals are usually bright yellow in colour.

The photos are of the exact piece that you will receive;

Please NOTE; this is classed as a TOXIC mineral and should be handled with care, kept away from children and pets and not placed in water.

It is said that Adamite is of benefit to those suffering from depression or mental fog. It is also said to be of benefit for activating the solar plexus chakra.


Adamite is said to blur the boundaries between your heart and mind, allowing them to work together towards conscious outcomes. It provides inner strength when dealing with emotional issues and helps you to communicate your feelings. It provides you with courage to step into the unknown, helping bring prosperity through business and helping you to attain material objects. It also inspires fresh, often left field thinking, which allows you to try new things.

Chakra: Throat, Heart and Solar Plexus.

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