Rainbow Fluorite Pendant


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The Jewellery Collection;

Chinese Fluorite has the most clearly defined and striking banding.

This pendanthas beautful clear blue and purple banding.


length without bail 29mm

Rainbow Fluorite

It is a highly protective stone especially guarding against psychic attack; it discourages chaos and can help bring order to chaos. It cleanses, purifies and dispels negative energies of all kinds.

Fluorite is said to help bring impartiality, unbiased and detached reasoning to situations helping take an objective view. It can also help dissolve fixed/rigid patterns of behaviour bringing with it self confidence.

A great aid when studying/learning as it helps absorb and process information. It helps understand the balance that is important to any relationship and can stabilise emotions.

Chakra: Heart, Crown, Throat and Third eye



Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery is a quick and simple way to connect with crystals and start using them,

  1. Wear specific gemstones for specific properties
  2. Balance chakras using chakra jewellery or specific colours for a specific chakra
  3. The crystal will be close to you all the time
  4. Many options as to where and how jewellery can be worn

There are so many possibilities.


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Weight100 g
Dimensions10 × 5 × 3 mm


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