Large Angel Aura Quartz Cluster


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Angel Aura Quartz Cluster

Large Aura Quartz Cluster, Aura quartz are a lab enhanced quartz, where vapourised elelments are bonded to the outside of a natural quartz cluster.

Amongst the elements used Platinum is a mineral that results in the iridescent colouration.

Angel aura quartz has a high fine vibration that connects to the angelic realms. It assists in higher connections works with the crown, higher crown and soul start chakras.

This is a large aura quartz cluster; 54x70x75mm

This is a one-off piece and so the crystal in the image is the exact crystal that you will receive.

Angel Aura Quartz

Angel aura quartz is natural quartz that has been bonded in a laboratory with Platinum which gives a opalescent iridescence to the quartz. 

It has an intense energy that cleanses the aura.  Angel aura links to the angelic realm, heightening communication and angelic guidance and healing. It brings joy and the beautiful rainbows helps nourish one’s inner child reminding us to see the world with the eyes of our inner child filled with wonder and magic.  It brings with it joy, optimism, meditative awareness and complete union with divine consciousness.

With meditation it assists in grounding information received into the physical realm.  It is said to be useful for those healing after hurt or trauma.  It brings a balance of playful energy and inner tranquillity and peacefulness.

Chakra: Crown and stimulates and balances all chakras.

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