Labradorite Pendant


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Crystal & Gemstone

Beautiful freeform Labradorite cabochon. 

Top drilled with simple 925 sterling silver bail.

The stone has stunning and unusual flash of blue, green, yellow , orange and a small piece of purple.

45×18 x5mm



Labradorite is a type of feldspar.

It is said to represent the temple of the stars and help provide an understanding of the destiny one has chosen. It brings light and raises consciousness and links it to universal energies and assists in transforming intuition to intellectual thought. It helps enhance patience and a sense of the right time.

It deflects like a mirror unwanted forms of energy from the aura it also prevents energy leakage and is ideal for therapists as is a barrier to negative energies shed during therapy.

It can enhance psychic gifts, facilitates astral travel and shamanic journeying. It is said to calm overactive minds, energizes the imagination, and helps get to the root of the matter.

Chakra: Third eye


Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery is a quick and simple way to connect with crystals and start using them,

  1. Wear specific gemstones for specific properties
  2. Balance chakras using chakra jewellery or specific colours for a specific chakra
  3. The crystal will be close to you all the time
  4. Many options as to where and how jewellery can be worn

There are so many possibilities.


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Weight100 g
Dimensions10 × 5 × 3 mm


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