Ethiopian Opal Pendant -Cluster Opal Pendant


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The Jewellery Collection;

High-quality Ethiopian Opals 2x round 6mm opals and 2x 6x5mm oval opals set in open back bezel setting in 925 sterling silver.

These Opals are set to show off their excellent fire with red and green fire depending on how the light catches the opals.

Pendant –

Length with bail – 30mm

length of the stone settings -20mm


This is has a fine vibration it is said to enhance cosmic consciousness and said to induce psychic and mystical visions. It is said to amplify ones traits and characteristics which can aid in overcoming ones lesser attributes notably that this can be intense for some and those who are not ready to look at themselves and see the truth that lies before them.

It is a karmic stone that teaches us what is sent out will come back. It is creative and protective when properly programmed. It is sometimes known as a stone of happy dreams and changes these arise from an understanding of personal and higher potential. It has been used by shamans to invoke visions. Opal contains water and therefore has a strong connection with emotions, it can enhance self worth, bring lightness and spontaneity.

Brings love and passion and can release inhibitions.

Chakra: Crown, heart and third eye.


Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery is a quick and simple way to connect with crystals and start using them,

  1. Wear specific gemstones for specific properties
  2. Balance chakras using chakra jewellery or specific colours for a specific chakra
  3. The crystal will be close to you all the time
  4. Many options as to where and how jewellery can be worn

There are so many possibilities.


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Weight100 g
Dimensions10 × 5 × 3 mm


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