Crystal Care

How to Look After Your Crystals

Cleansing What is that?

I bought a crystal now what?

I always suggest ‘cleansing’ a crystal, gemstone or gemstone jewellery when you purchase it.  It is simply the name given to the process of ‘cleaning’  or removing the residual energy that maybe on the crystal from people who have handled it, worked it (such as polishing/carving), etc.

Some crystals are self-cleansing where this isn’t necessary such as Amethyst, Calcite, Carnelian, Kyanite, etc to name a few.  However, I think it is such a nice way to make that initial connection to your new crystals.  

I think of it as a bit like introducing you to each other as you would when you are making a new friend.

  1. Water

The quickest way to cleanse a crystal is with water with the caveat that TOXIC crystals such as cinnabar, copper crystals, etc (see Toxic crystals for more info) and salt formations such as halite, selenite, etc.

Place the crystal in a bowl or water or under the tap as if you were washing mud or dirt off it.

2. Salt

I hear many recommend salt water and again this is not to be used for toxic crystals or salt formations.

Personally it is not my favourite as you must remember if soaking in a salt solution to then wash it carefully and even then there may still be salt residue on the crystal.

This can result in salt crystals forming on the surface of the crystal which can  damage the polished surface of polished crystals.

Another way of using salt is to create a salt ring and place the crystals in the centre this can be done for all crystals as it is dry.


Although, avoid doing this in any space that is ‘damp’.


3. Smudge, Burning herbs, Incense

All over the world herbs have been used to cleanse and purify energies, especially to create a ‘scared space’ where the energy is pure and cleansed. 


Native American Indians use smudgeing herbs such as white sage, blue sage, copal, sweet grass etc often bound together to form a ‘smudge stick’.  These are then lit at the end and the flame wafted out to allow the herbs to smoulder and produce the smoke which is then fanned over a crystal, place or person sometimes using a hand or a special feather to waft the smoke over what is to be cleansed.

Palo santo wood is used in South American shamans this wood is lit like an incense stick and again the smoke is wafted over the crystals or space.

Other herbs and resins can be used such as, lavender, ceder, myhrr, frankinsense, copal, etc.  These would often be burned in a special receptacle with a charcoal disk. 


NOTE: ventilate when burning herbs, stub out extinguish burning herbs when finished, Do not leave unattended and this method is not recommended for anyone who may have respiratory issues.


4. Sound

So simple and easy to do and can be used for all crystals.

Singing bowls, drums, tings-ha bells, rattles, other percussive instruments or simply clapping hands.

Use the sound around the crystals and this will cleans them.

5. Full Moon & Sun

All crystals can be placed somewhere to receive the light of the full moon.

Some like to place in the light for 24 hours on a full moon to receive the light of the moon and the sun.

If you will place crystals so they may also be in the sun be mindful that crystals such as Amethyst and Fluorite are quite prone to the bleaching effects of the sun so if you can dapple the light maybe by placing in dappled light, such as under the shade of pot plants.


6. Other Crystals

You can also simply use other crystals to keep your crystals and gemstone jewellery cleansed and charged.  Simply place your crystals, stones near any of the following crystals;